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At this time, two workshops are available. Other topics are available upon request.

Tactical DDD and Doctrine

You’ve looked at Doctrine. Maybe even shipped a few applications with it. But you don’t want to just work with it, you want to thrive with it. In this workshop, we’re going to move from creating CRUD models to crafting model layers. We’ll discuss breaking down your business into a domain model and learn how to capture it in code.

Our emphasis will be practical, pragmatic techniques for bringing the business knowledge into the code using tools you already know. The result will be more maintainable, easier to test and simpler to understand. Even better, it’ll actually do what your clients wanted. Along the way, we’ll dive into Doctrine ORM, how it can help us, how it can hinder us, and the features you never knew it had.

Combo Bundle: I’ve teamed up with famed author and speaker Matthias Noback to offer a combined workshop bundle in some cities! Choose the “Register Now” button and select the “Both Workshops” bundle for a discount. See the PHP Architecture Tour site for more details.

Upcoming Workshops

City Date Registration
Zurich, Switzerland April 20th, 2015 Sales closed!
Antwerp, Belgium May 30th, 2015 Sales closed!
Amsterdam, Netherlands September 7th, 2015 Sales closed!
Paris, France November 19, 2015 Sales closed!
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Custom Workshops

Facing some unique issues? Want to raise the level of your team? With a custom workshop, your team can improve using examples drawn from their own applications.

I’ll sit down with team members and stakeholders to analyze your apps and identify major problems in technique and process. Then, we’ll craft a custom version of a workshop to address these needs and find solutions together.

For inquiries, email workshops@rosstuck.com.

About Ross Tuck

Ross Tuck has worked in software development for 15 years, throughout a variety of industries. His favorite thing is solving problems for people, occasionally by writing software. He’s also a conference speaker, blogger and the author of the upcoming book Discovering Doctrine with DDD.